Money do not mean a thing (Jeremiah 29:11)

How can we be happy in today’s society?  Most people believe that if you do not have an expensive house, car, or clothes, you are not doing enough.  You are considered lazy or not having it together.  This is an untruth.  Suicide rates are rising in the US and most of the victims are wealthy.  This means that money do not mean a thing. Find ways to be content, so you can keep a positive attitude.  Here are two ways to stay content:

List your Goals

Dig deep and list the goals that you want to accomplish.  Make sure that you are not trying to impress anyone with your goal lists.  You will not be happy if you are trying to impress others.  Your goals can sound lame to some, but if it makes you happy, do it.  I like gardening.  Others like to grow houseplants because they do not want to get dirty.  Little do they know that some farmers make a good living, so one of my goals is to start a small farm.  Find what your passion is and pursue it.

Praise God for your accomplishments

Write down the date when you have accomplished your goals then give God the praise.  You do not want to go around bragging.  Tell others how God helped you to accomplish your goal.  Make sure everyone know if it was not for the Lord, you would not been able to complete your tasks.  He is the only reasons you are where you are today.  Let others know that they have to depend on God to help them with their goals.  This way you will remember what he has down for you and you will not let the enemy put any doubts mind.  Praise him.

Happiness is a choice. 


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