Mind Traps

I am finding myself in mind traps.  I try to practice mindfulness, but my mind tends to drift.  I then find myself thinking negatively.  Thinking negatively is harmful because I am affecting my spirit, mind, and body.  We have to find some rescue techniques to help us get out of the mind traps.

What are Mind Traps?

Mind traps are negative thoughts that stop you from thinking about anything else.  You also think that you have to act on these thoughts.  It might be something that someone said to you that upset you.  The person is not around. Your mind keeps drifting back to that incident.  Since you are trapped into this thought, your body starts reacting.  You are mean and grumpy.  You stop focusing on what is happening now.  You are stuck.

How to avoid these traps?

There is not clear way to stop being trapped by negative thoughts.  Everyone has had bad thoughts.  Some people do not dwell on anything, which could be good thing and bad thing.  Some people think too much.  I am one of these people.  If you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, stop it.

How to stop negative thoughts?

You can pray, meditate, or visit family and friends.  You can also download some meditation apps. It does not matter how often we use these techniques, we will find ourselves having negative thoughts.  Do not get upset when you are in a trap. You can use one of your techniques to stop it.  Recognize that you are thinking unhealthy thoughts and find a fast way to stop it.


If you are having problems controlling negative thoughts, and you want to hurt yourself or someone else, please speak with a physician.  Find some techniques that  you like and continue to use them.  Practice makes perfect.






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