Mind, Body, and Soul

I want to thank you for stopping by my blog, “Ree’s Life”. I realized that as Americans we are so blessed, but we still have problems balancing our everyday lives. I want to provide information that will help others to balance their lives.  It is important for us to be healthy, financial stable, and spiritual minded. I suffered an aneurism in 2005 because I was going through life just being. I did not visit the doctor like I should. I did not balance my personal budget, and stayed in debt. I was not happy, so I picked up unhealthy habits like drinking. I went to church, but I did not put my faith in God. The end result was ending up in intensive care with the worst headache of my life. I am not where I am supposed to be, but I thank God that I am not where I was.  I am always looking for ways to live life to its fullest. I learned from this experience that life is fragile and sweet. This could have all been avoided if I would have put God first, balanced my budget, and had routine physicals. This is why I will be posting information on the mind, body, and soul. I do not want anyone to end up in the hospital like I did.

Another point is that we can accomplish more when we work together, so please leave your comments and opinions. We will make a difference together. I know that we will not be able to solve every problem, but we will be able to find alternative ways to balance our life.

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