Meditate yourself healthy

Our minds are unique. You have the ability to heal yourself.  Your thoughts and emotions affect your body.  I have heard many times that people who have a good attitude tend to heal quickly.  People who are negative tend to heal slowly or not at all.  When you are sick it is important to make sure that you control your thoughts and emotions.  This will help you heal.  Please follow your physician’s orders, and try different techniques to help you heal.   You can use laughter.  I love stand up comedy.  You need to find out what makes you laugh and laugh yourself to health.

Meditation is another tool that can help you heal.  Use some of the meditation techniques that we have used in the 30 day “Do You” plan.  Visualization is a great tool to use for healing.  If you think about getting better, you will.  If you visualize a picture of your healing in your mind, you will heal.  You can visualize in a normal state or meditative state.   I would do it in a meditative state.  It is more effective.  You can use these three techniques to with your healing when you are sick.

We all have heard these tips before, but they are not effective if you do not do them.  Some simple steps will help you live healther.  Don’t think negative about anything because your situation will not get better.  Think positive and meditiate.  Meditation clear your mind of negative thoughts.  Practice makes perfect.  Don’t stop meditating when you feel better.  Keep meditating everyday.

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