Look Up


If you are having a stress day, stop a moment and look up.  You will be surprised at how looking at the sky will relax you.

When I saw this cloud I had to share it with you.  So I want to urge you to stop and smell the roses.  Nature remind us  how a storm can change our lives.  When I took that picture, we were worried about Hurricane Matthew, but we cannot do anything to stop it We can stay safe and weather the storm.  This cloud did not  turn into a hurricane, but it reminded me of how a cloud can change our lives.  That is why it is so important to take time to smell the roses. After all we cannot mess with Mother Nature.

If you sit and look at the sky, you will learn a lot.  People who write horoscopes study the weather.  Astrology is the study of Planets.  When Planets are in certain positions, they changed our behaviors.  Like the planet Venus, it symbols love.  When Venus is in your sector, you are supposed to be able to attract lovers.  I do believe it is some truth behind Astrology.  God put everything here for a reason.  We just have to stop and look at it.

Another thing that you will find in the sky is stars.  I know that everyone has stared in the sky at the stars.  It is relaxing to see the different patterns they form. It is also relaxing to see the brightest star.  I still wish upon the brightest star. I cannot remember if my wish comes true, but I like making wishes, so it does not matter if they come true or not.

Starring at the sky may seem like nothing, but try it when you are stressed ad you might find that you will like it.

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