Look Up (James 1: 2-4)

How can we stay positive through difficult times?  Some people feel that you have to be worried or depressed.  It looks like you are weak when you look at the good things in life.  Just think how hard it was for African slaves to stay positive during their abuse.  How about Jesus who was spit on and beaten, but he was eager to share the good news of God.   How can we be happy during the storm?

We can track our blessings

This is important because we are so busy doing other things.  We have to take care of families and ourselves.  There comes a point where we have to stop and thank God for what he has done for us.  If we go around pissed off all the time, we will never be happy or content.  Stop and look at your blessings. Write it down or just meditate on it.  But make sure that you do it.  African slaves still celebrated with song and dance because they knew one day they would see freedom.  This is why you should count your blessings.

Tell others about God’s Grace

Staying positive will not get you a lot of likes on Facebook, but you will not focus on your problems.  We have to trust in God through trials.  Jesus preached and healed.  He took time to celebrate too.  He never fussed, cussed, or fights.  He kept his eye on the prize.  He knew that more people would follow him if he gave them hope.  Give others hope by telling them of the goodness of the Lord.

 Don’t worry about a thing.  It will work all work out fine. 


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