Look for Improvements

Today you need to jolt downs ways to improve your life. Here is an example….” I want to improve my energy.” Then you have to find a resolution.  An example is, “I can improve my energy by walking”.  It does not matter how healthy you think that you are, there is room for improvement.

Choose Your Goals

You need to pick at least three ways to improve your mind, body, and soul. Remember this plan is to help you pay attention to your overall well being.  Hay (1994) wrote, “It is important to know I can make changes without seeing myself as a bad person”.  One thing that I love to do is to look at the “TED” on YouTube.  This channel has different speakers who speak on just about any subject involving improving self.  The speeches that are given are informative and helpful.  There is no set of training material that will give you a step by step instructions to handle your life, so it is up to you stay mindful.  Writing in a journal is a visual way to make sure that you stay in tune with your emotions and actions.


You will not get it right every time, but you will be able to have self-control of your actions and find peace in this turmoil world.  Itkowitz (2017) wrote, “While the ideas themselves might not be all that surprising, the explanations for how and why they better your life served as powerful reminders that we might be prioritizing the wrong things and undervaluing that which makes life worth living.”The three things he mentioned was:  Face-to-face social interaction leads to a longer life; Knowing when to turn off your smartphone enriches your life; and Chasing meaning, not happiness, is what really matters.  Seems like some simple steps, but can we really accomplish these tasks?  Prioritize your goals.  These steps can very well improve your life.



Hay, L. (1994),  “Meditations to heal your life”,  Hay House, Inc. (p.131)


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