Listen to your Body

Mind – Lie in the bed or on something comfortable on the floor.  Let your hands lie along side of the body.  Keep your feet uncrossed and away from each other.  Start taking deep breaths.  Start focusing on each part of your body.  Think about your feet, then your legs, thighs, and each part of your body until you reach your head.  When you’re thinking about each body part, a sensation should happen to that body part.  Williams and Pennman (2011) wrote, “See if it is possible to let go of the tendency to want things to be a certain way, or judge how you’re doing.”   Try to practice this technique until you get the hang of it.  Do not worry if your mind wanders.  You can always refocus on the body part and finish the meditation technique.


Williams, M. and Penman, D.,  Mindfulness, An eight – week plan for finding peace in a frantic world, Rodale Books, (p. 97-100).   

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