Let’s Get Physical

Anyone can write a check and donate to a worthy cause, but only a few will get their hands dirty.  The great thing about getting physically involved in a charity is that is you and the charity wins.  You get the exercise that you need and the charity gets the help that they need.  It is great to donate to cause financially, but it is more awarding to get up and get physically involved with that charity.


There is a marathon that happens every year.  It is simple.  Just sign up and promise to walk or run 1k or more miles.  You collect money from others who pledge a certain amount of money for each mile that you finished.  You collect the money after the marathon and turn it in.  You get to get your cardio in and help others at the same time.  If you believe in a cause, you can also plan your own marathon.  Find someone who has planned a marathon before, so they can help your marathon become a success.


Lately, Mother Nature has shown us how strong she is.  When she shows up homes go down.  So grab a hammer and start nailing.  There are several homeless people who need help getting affordable homes.  Some organizations build home for people who cannot afford them.  You can help build a home for low income families.  Helps is always needed to build or rebuild homes in your area.

Food Drives

Clean our cabinet out.  Get rid of the can goods that you are not using.  If you attend church, give to their food pantry.  You can also give to your local food banks.  Don’t stop by cleaning out your cabinets.  You can donate your time by helping to distribute the food.

Go and get physical.



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