Lessons from your Father (Happy Father’s Day)

Today is Father’s Day and I remember the men that paved the way for me. I was fortunate to have my dad and uncles to help raise me with love and understanding. I think about the prodigal son. He had a father who accepted and loved him. He went off with his inheritance and came back broke, but his dad helped him to get back on his feet. I missed having a dad who always was willing to help us even though we did not deserve it. God shows us his love through dads because dads love us regardless of what we do. We can earn some important lessons from our fathers.


Not forgiving a person is dangerous. I wrote a poem years ago called, “Put it down”. I was carrying around so much emotional baggage and I did not know how to let it go. Forgiving is a way to release emotional baggage. When you truly forgive, you do not have any grudges against that person. You are able to love them freely. When we go to our Dad with a problem, they do not judge us. They forgive us and they are ready to help us. They are able to help us because they forgive us.


Fathers are great at giving support. Dads give financial support, emotional support, and mechanical support. They will fix your car; give your money for bills, and give you a hug when you need a shoulder to cry one. Taking care of people is a lesson you can learn from your dad.

Father’s Day should not be the only time you spend with your dad. Spending time with your dad will teach you some valuable life lessons. He helps us without being judgmental. These lessons are worthy to share with others.

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