Lessons from Paul (2 Timothy 2: 23-24)

Paul is one of the most powerful apostates in the Bible.  Paul wrote many letters because he was arrested several times.  He often wrote letters to Timothy one of his followers.  Paul was concerned about the welfare of the church, so wrote letters.  When he wrote 2 Timothy, he was in jail.  He could have thought of himself, but he wanted to spread the news of our new savior.  He did not let his emotions stop the Christian movement.  Controlling our anger will help us find peace.  When you find yourself getting angry,  think about the lessons from Paul

2 Timothy 2: 23 (Flee)  

Christians were tired of being treated unfairly.  After Jesus was crucified, more Christians were standing up for their beliefs.  They were angry and rebellion against the Roman Government.  Anger would not help Christians build churches.  Being angry distracts us and we are not focusing on God’s will.  Love and peace is the only way that projects get finished. Keeping the peace is important for all of us.  When we throw shade, we make our bodies to go into panic mode.  Throwing shade hurts the other person and it does not encourage them. Stop starting arguments.

2 Timothy 2: 24 (Teach)

Anger is an emotion experienced by everyone, but everyone does not start arguments.  Jesus asked us to be kind to everyone.  Being nice to someone you dislike is hard, but can be done.  When your body starts to send a panic signal, start looking for solutions. Everyone involved will not seek peaceful solutions, but we can find a way to let God’s light shine.   Calm yourself down and channel your anger to promote good, not evil.  Remember Paul was in jail when he wrote these powerful letters to Timothy.  We can also find a way to use our anger to help and teach others.

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