Lesson from David

We can learn from King David.  He shows us that it does not matter what we go through, we still should have faith.  Faith that tomorrow will be a better day.  Believe that our father in heaven will deliver us from any problems that we have.  Troubles will come and go, so we should hold on to experience life.  David was a great king, but he made some bad decisions that change the course of his life.  He was dethroned and was hunted down to be killed.  David had good reasons to give up.  He did not give up.  He handled his problems through faith.  Here are two things that he did.

He Prayed

My favorite verses in the bible is Psalm 27.  David asked God to not leave him.  He knew that people were out to kill him, but he still believed that God will be there for him.  David had done some terrible things and had brought shame on him and his family.  His faith will help him to cope with the death threats, gossip, and more.  His said that his father  will keep him safe from his enemies.  This means that God is big enough to handle any problems that we have.

He wrote

David has been writing since he was boy watching his father’s sheep.  His famous song was Psalm 23.  He proclaimed that the Lord is his shepherd.  When he was dethroned, he wrote Psalm 34 where he pretended to be insane before Abimelek.   He knew that God will not leave him because he wrote about how God will rescue his servants.  He helps the broken heart and crush spirit.  He will be there for us, so keep the faith. David went through a lot after making bad decisions, but he knew that God will be there for him.

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