Learning to Lean

This week I have been feeling sorry for myself and wanted to start complaining. I always do this when I feel scared, lonely, or angry. Today, I started having a big pity party because things were not happening the way I wanted it too, but as usually God came right on time.  Here are ways that God helps us to lean on him.


I had a great day with my family and I did not have any negative feelings.   When you share your time with family and friends, you forget about your problems.  Family can get on your nerves, but they can also lighten up your day, especially during the holidays.  If you feel down, go out and enjoy your family. God is like our family because when we can spend time with God and forget about our problems.


We all fall short and we do not have the power to heal ourselves. Everything that we do to make things right is a temporary fix.  A lifelong change happens when we turn to our father. We must pray for forgiveness and healing. His plan is for us to rely on him, and not lean to our understanding. This is why he forgives us because he knows that we are weak.  If he does not forgive us, we will be afraid to communicate with him.  To err is human, but God’s forgiveness helps us to depend on him.

Proverbs – 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. It is great to know that our God will look beyond our faults and see our needs. He treats us like our family and helps us forget about the bad and he forgives us, so we will learn to depend on him.

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