Kick back and relax

The best way to soothe the pain in your legs, knees, and feet is to place them up on a pillow.  Make sure that your feet are elevated.  It is funny because someone in my family just had knee surgery, and they said that the physical therapist recommended that they elevate their leg on pillows as high as they could.  They followed the instructions of the physical therapist, and now they have less pain and swelling. When you feel pain in your lower extremities, grab some pillows, and elevated them. While you have elevating, you also read a book or magazine; listen to some soft music; or drink some wine.

I also found some stretches that you can do if you are not able to elevate your legs.

Stand behind a chair and hold your hands on the back for balance.

Bend at the waist and stretch forward, reaching the toes on the outstretched leg. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat on the other leg. Move slowly and gently; avoid bouncing.

Stand facing a bench approximately a leg’s length away; place right foot on the bench.

Gently pull your foot with the opposite hand and bring your foot close to your buttock.

Stretching is another way to relax the muscles, and make you feel better while you are experiencing the pain.

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