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When I see what is happening today because of COVID 19 and racism, I become more passionate about writing and sharing my posting blogs with others.  Holistic health is important today more than ever.  We have to make sure that we are balanced so we can keep our selves and others safe.   People are afraid and confused because of current events.  So, we have to stay positive to get through these tough times.  Holistic health will help us to stay grounded, safe, and positive.  


It is easy to make crazy decisions when you are stress and depress.  I heard that some healthcare workers committed suicide because of the increase in deaths. We have to keep our emotions in check.  I am an advocate of mental health because I have anxiety attacks.  You can balance your mind by meditating, journaling, and expressing more gratitude.  These are just some of the few holistic methods that can help you stay grounded.  


If you are not healthy and exposed to the virus, you can die.  So, you have to take charge of your body by exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep.  You can also use alternative medicines in combination with modern medicine to stay healthy.  Find some natural ways to build your overall health.  


The way you treat yourself and others come from your beliefs.  If you have a positive outlook in life, you will overcome a lot of obstacles.  I believe that we are all children of God.  As Christians, I put my faith in him.  He helps me to stay positive and hopeful.  Make sure that you have a healthy spiritual outlook.   

Holistic Health is more important today than ever.  We need to use some self-care techniques to stay grounded, healthy, and positive during the Pandemic.  

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