Journal – Tracking your progress

Today is the day that we start tracking our progress.  I want you to start a Journal.  It would be great if you would have a note book or tablet.  You can put three dividers in the notebook or you can get a tablet with three dividers.  Label the first divider Mind, the second one Body, and the last divider Soul. Another way to organize your journal is to write Mind, Body, and Soul each page.  Make sure that you leave room between each title to write.  The most important part of a Journal is the date.  Date each page.  It is so helpful to write what you did for that day.  It is also helpful to write when you did not do anything that day.  Not to beat yourself up, but to see why you did not complete your tasks, so you will not repeat that behavior again.  I have been starting and stopping Journals for years.  I always get a kick out of reading what I did that year.  We are human, so if you miss a day, go back and write your entry.  This plan is design for us to start taking of ourselves.  Not beating ourselves.  So write, track, and enjoy.

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