It is not you.

It is not you.

This is for the ladies because dating can be confusing. I am not a lesbian. I am giving a pep talk to all the single ladies looking for love. I want to first point out that I am not a male hater.  I had great male role models in my life, and I am a confident, strong, black woman. But some guys, not all, think that we are so desperate that we have to put up with anything. Not so. Do not let wanting a man put you in a comprising position.  You have to take men at face value. Most people will say, “That is why you are still single”. I am going to say, “that this is why I am strong”. I met a guy, and we talked and texted briefly. We stop communicating for a while, and then he reached to me out again. He said he was married; I do not do married guys. I asked him “aren’t you married?” He said “no, divorce”. Then he said, “At that time, I did not want to be bothered”.  Now, when this guy had stopped communicating with me, I stopped texting and calling him. That is why I am saying, it is not you. The world of dating is crazy in this era. You have to look at situations, and accept them for what they are. I did not know this guy. We only met briefly. If he did not want to be bothered, he could have told me so. Why lie? I get confused when this craziness happens. Tell me some of your crazy dating situations, so we can find solutions together. There is no real answer when it comes to dating, but at least we can put it on the table, and deal with the situation in a logical manner.


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