It is not all about you

Even though I raised four girls, I have a problem with being humble.  I know that a lot of my actions come from my problems dealing with my anxiety and panic attacks, but a lot of it is me just thinking about myself.  Mind you, I love my family and friends and will not think about life without them.  I still have times when I only think about my thoughts, my feelings, and desires.  It is not all about me.  I have to track my actions because I am determined to let God’s light shine through me.  If you are having problems eating humble pie, trying thanking and giving more.


I am the youngest of six kids, so I was spoiled.  I did not get the chance to thank my parents, grandmother, and sister because they have gone home.  I do have a lot of other people to thank in my life.  I need to thank my brothers, nephews, and daughters.  I have a board over my computer desk, and I am putting a reminder on it for me to not forget to thank someone.  I know that this does not seem like it comes from the heart.  It is coming from my heart because I do not want to forget to “a shout out” to those who helped me along the way.  To make sure that I thank those who helped me, I need a reminder.


It is simply.  You have to give.  It does not matter if you give to your church or charity because as long as you do it from the heart, you will be blessed.  Think about more than money because there are so many issues that we can address as a people.  Giving of one’s time is always the best gift of all.


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