Is your Soul tired?

My schedule has been so cramped that I find myself tired all of the time.  I have been trying to catch up on my rest, but I am still tired. There are a lot of people who are fatigue.   We take this problem lightly, but we have to make sure that our mind, body, and souls is getting the proper rest.  Today, our schedules are tight and we have to make time to renew our energy.  In this post, we are concentrating on the spirit.  Here are ways that can help us to renew our spirit.  

Bible Study

When we study the word, our souls become filled.  The media make sure that everyone knows the bad things that happens in the world.  Negative situations can drain our souls.  Bible study helps remind us how God’s love will help us through any situation.  Great people of the bible faced terrible circumstances and was able to overcome their problems through God’s word.  The enemy tries to wear us down to defeat us.  We can renew our strength by studying the word.

Sharing God’s Word

The enemy is winning because God’s light is not shinning.   Telling others about Gods goodness will renew your energy.  Sharing God’s word does mean that you quote verses all day.  It does mean that when the Holy Spirit leads you, you share his word.  Do no use the word as a weapon to hurt others, but use his word as a comforter, a guide, or healer.  Broken people needs God’s word, so share it.


Filling up on the word and sharing it with others will help you renew your spiritual energy.  The Holy Spirit will be your guide, so don’t worry about running out of energy.   The Holy Spirit fills our souls with the energy it needs.  

6 thoughts on “Is your Soul tired?

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