Is your mind on your money?

Do you have your my mind on your money and money on your mind?

This month we have been looking at ways for us to control our money.  One way to control your money is meditation.  You can have our mind on your money all day without getting stressed out.  It sounds crazy, but if you meditate on a goal that you have set, you will accomplish that goal.  This year, I am going to cut down on eating out.  If I get up and meditate on my goal, I will most likely not to buy lunch.  This does mean that I will never go to a fast food restaurant, but it does mean that I am going to be mindful of my goals.


                Meditation means that you are riding your mind and becoming mindful of your surroundings.  If you wake up and meditate on your money goals, you are more likely to reach your goals.  It is simple.  Just sit and breathe deeply.  Some say chanting helps. If you do not want to say it out loud, chant to yourself.  My chant will be “I will not eat out today.” Sounds like a scene from a comedy, but it can be effective in reminding me not to eat out.    If you have goals, meditate on your goals, and see if you change your spending habits.


When you are emotional, depress, or anxious, do not shop.  This is the time when you need to stop and think.  If a person is emotional, they overspend.  This means anyone can overspend when they are emotional.  You do not have to lock yourself in a closet, but you do have to stop and think.  I overcome this urge by remembering myself how I overspent in the past.  This helps me to stop and find something to do that does not involve money.

Do not overspend if you can help it.  Emotions play an important part in our spending habits.  Stop and think about what you are doing.  Remind yourself of your goals through meditation to help you reach your financial goals.




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