Is more money more problems?


The biggest trend in social media is how rich people have a lot of problems.  They have more money and have a lot of problems.  When we read these different posts, we are informed how the rich go to jail, get on drugs, or more.  This gives us the illusion that more money means more problems.  I believe that even if these people were poor, they would have the same problems.  The problems lie in our emotions and behaviors.  The more money that we obtain does not solve our problems.  We create our own problems.  The only way to solve our problems is to control our intent.

Pursuit of Happiness

Money does not buy everything.  One thing money cannot buy is love.  There are a lot of millionaires who are not happy.  This is a known problem.  The only way to be happy is to experience love.  The way to experience love is to give love.  You need to be more patient with others and show understanding.   If you pursue love, you will find happiness.  If you pursue money, you will find yourself alone and depress.

Don’t let the money make you

If the only reason you go to work is the money, you will be miserable.  If you only started a venture for the money, you will find it difficult to sustain that business.  You have to have a passion for everything that you do.  You have to enjoy the process of working or entrepreneurship.  If you do not enjoy every making the money, the money will make you.  You will never be fulfilled if you do not pursue your dream.


More money will help you to live more comfortable.  You will be able to do more for yourself and your family, but money will not help you with your problems.  Find ways to pursue happiness.  Make sure that you are working towards your dreams instead of your greed.  You can balance money and problems by controlling your intent.


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