Here are some quick facts about Insomnia.

Dr. Buysse (2013) wrote “Insomnia is a common clinical condition characterized by difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, accompanied by symptoms such as irritability or fatigue during wakefulness.”

Slomski (201) stated “People with insomnia may be more likely to experience a stroke compared with people who sleep well, a risk that is especially pronounced among young adults, suggests a retrospective cohort study.”

Harvard Medical School(2013) found “You may have difficulty falling asleep, may wake up too early, or may wake up periodically during the night. Insomnia of any kind can keep you from feeling rested and refreshed during the day.”

This is enough information to let us know that we cannot take insomnia lightly.  These are some quick facts  that I found during my insomnia.  I hope that you will also find some, and share it with my blog. I will post about this subject again in the future.


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