Identity Theft

When I got home from church yesterday, I got an email from my bank asking me to confirm some purchases made. I quickly called them because I did not make two of the purchases that were listed on the email. When I spoke with the bank rep, she told me that someone was trying to use my credit card. I did not understand that because I had my credit card. People can make a dummy credit card with your card number. All they have to do is to make up some numbers, and hope for hit. The criminals do not mean to use the card forever. They just want one or two of the transaction to go through. They know if they continue to use the card, the authorities will track them down. I just want to remind you to keep track of your transactions on your account.  If I did not keep up with those transactions, the criminals would have stolen my card number without being notice. I also pay for identity alerts through my bank. This is a good service to have because it alerts you when something suspicious happens to your account. I thought that this would be some great information to pass on. I also found an article that gave seven tips to help you protect yourself from identity alert. You can find this article at   One of the tips that I found was to monitor your credit card statements and your credit reports, so as you see this is very important to do. I cannot believe that this happened, but it proves that we all have to keep our eyes out for identity theft.

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