I am Back

I have been away and I know that you missed me.  I am back and ready for the year 2018.  I missed you too and hope that you are ready for an exciting year.  I have been busy developing myself so that I can build a better and stronger blog.  Ree’s Life has been operating now for over two years and I am planning on staying around for 100 more.  So do not stop visiting, commenting, and sharing Ree’s Life blog.  Look for more blogs about the mind, body, and soul.

I am going to add more video blogs this year to remind you how important it is to keep track of your health, mental stability, and spirit.  We all become slack, but it is never too late to start taking care of you.  I am a living witness of second chances.   I have been in intensive care, broke, unemployed, and more, but if you keep your mind on the prize, you can still be prosperous, healthyand happy. Spring is near, so we need to clean out negative emotion, body’s impurities, and the strongholds that Satan tries to impose on us. 

We need to plant seeds of success.  We need to grow as much as we can.  When the winter comes, we will have enough stored for the winter.  It rains in the spring, so let’s development strategies to weather the storm.   I heard two sayings that I will use all of 2018.  The first one is “Failure is not Fatal”.  I am not worried about failure, but I am worried about stopping.  The next saying came from T D Jakes.  He said, “Stand on what you know instead of what you feel.”  We are emotional creatures, but we will face each challenge with knowledge, faith, and strength.



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