How important is an annual physical

Before my aneurysm, I hated going to the doctor.  I realized today that I was afraid of
what the doctor was going to say.  This thought should have kept me going to the doctor because
if an illness goes untreated, you can die.  So do not let your fears keep you from your doctor’s appointment, especially your annual physicals. If you have your physical annually, you will be able to catch any problems early.  This will help your doctor treat any illness that you have, and he can help prevent any other health issues.  The way he/she do this is by checking your history, vital signs, heart, lung, kidney test and general appearance. This is just a few things that the doctor checks. Some other areas that the doctor may check are the head, neck, stomach and your urine. You also have to ask questions, write down before your appointment.   No every doctor has a different approach, so make sure you have your questions.  Just think about it, if I would have went to the doctor on a regular bases, he could have seen the aneurysm on a CT scan, and treated it before it was too late.  If you keep your appointments to your doctor, you can add years to your life.

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