How important is an annual physical

I hated going to the doctor.  I was afraid of what the doctor was going to say. I did not want him to give me a terminal diagnosis. I let my fear of the doctor who can save me, stop me for from having an annual physical.  Do not let your fears keep you from your doctor’s appointment, especially your annual physicals. If you have your physical annually, your doctor will be able to detect illnesses early.  Early detection saves lives.  Start 2019 with a bang.  Make an appointment for a physical.

Make sure you are covered

If you are uninsured, find coverage.  The Affordable Care Act is still in place.   Just Google “Health Insurance” and you will see a list of different Insurances.  If you still did not find what you want, contact your state department of social services.  They will tell you where to find affordable insurance

Speak up

Talk with your physician about any concerns that you have.  It does not matter if it is physical or psychological. Your doctor cannot treat your illnesses if he does not know what is going on.  It may seem minor, but it could be something your doctor needs to know.  Write down your concerns before you go.

Do not be Afraid

Every doctor has a different approach, so go with an opened mind.  If you are not comfortable about a certain procedure, tell your physician.  Staying healthy is important, so do not let your discomfort stop you from having an annually.  Relax before the physical by doing yoga, exercise, or meditation.  Take someone with you that can support you.

You add years to your life every time you have an annual checkup, so go every year.

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