How do you deal with rejection?

If you are working on becoming a better you, you will overlook rejections from others It is hard to hide your feelings because you are feeling great.    You can stay confident, but do not let your pride make you feel that you are better than others. Everyone is not going to have the same opinion of the new you, so you will get a some rejection from others.


The worst kind of rejection comes from haters.  You have to be aware of everything that you do or say.   When someone says something mean to you, listen without being judgmental.  Look at your body posture when you are faced with rejection.  When you are talking, be aware of your breathing, so you can control your breathing.  You also need to think of positive words to say to get your point across.  If the person makes you irritated, make an exit plan.  Do not run.  Just let the person know that you will not talk about this anymore and you are leaving. Do not roll your neck or eyes.

Be Firm

Stand firm and show no fear because you have a right to your opinion.  When you are alone, you should practice controlling your breathing.  This will help you control your blood pressure, heart rate, and emotions.  Everybody has experienced rejection, so don’t take it personal.  This situation shall pass, so focus on your plans to become a better you. The one thing that you do not want to do is to become self destructive or resentful.

Remember practice is perfect, so practice how you deal with rejection.  Do not let this one moment stop you for accomplishing your goals.  Dealing with others will help you build better relationships.  Rejection is ugly, but you can find a silver lining.


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