How anger affects your body? (2 Timothy 2: 23-24)

Our emotions are affected by different factors.  It could be our upbringing or an event that happened in our life.  Emotional health is important for us to stay mindful and spiritual.  If we focus on negative situations, we are not balanced.  We will start arguments because we are not healthy emotionally. Another factor that impacts our emotions is our bodies. You have to watch the warnings signs that your body gives when you are angry.  Find a way to keep your body relaxed, so you can control your anger.

Calm down

The body cannot heal when you are upset. When you are breathing heavy, your body goes into panic mode.  Your body starts looking for air and your emotions are hard to control. You cannot focus or practice mindfulness if you are breathing heavy. A way to control your emotions is to control your breathing.  Healthy lungs are the key to relaxing the body.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is my favorite.  It is easy to grow and harvest.  I grew some Holy basil from seeds.  The plant did not die easily and I was able to cut a lot of leaves.  The herb is used to help people who are grieving.   This herb also can help with the digestive system which is an added benefit because when we are upset our stomach is affected.

Holy Basil recipe

Here is a simple recipe for a tea that you can drink anytime.  If you are pregnant or sick, please consult your physician. This recipe does not have any measurement.  You can use any amount of dried herbs.  I use Holy Basil, Chamomile, Peppermint, and Spearmint.  I put the herbs in my Keurig cup and brew them.  After it finishes, I add honey.  This tea will help you relax and control your emotions.













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