His eyes is on the Sparrow


Today when I saw some birds under my truck, I did not think twice. It is snowing in North Carolina, so I went and finished some business before the weather became worst. But, when I came back home, I saw more birds around the area where my car was parked. I realized that there was not snow there, and the birds was there trying to find something to eat and was trying to keep warm. That is when I thought about the scripture that says “his eyes are on the sparrow”. All week, the state of North Carolina was getting ready for this storm, but these birds found help through a parked car. Wouldn’t be wonderful if we can rely on God the way these birds did. These birds fly high to look for food, water, and any other needs. They do not have snow plows to move the snow. They found a parked car, and stayed there. This shows confidence, patient, and faith. I wish that I had this kind of faith to wait on the Lord. This does not mean that we do not need snow plows, but it does mean that we need to walk by faith and be confident that he will see us through.



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