Help to stop the violence

2018 has educated us all on how important it is to promote God’s goodness and grace.  We have seen so many tragedies, and no one knows why they happened.  We have look to professional for their opinion; we have looked for family and friends for opinion, and we have questioned God for guidance.  We have searched everywhere for the reason why so many people had to die needlessly.  We got comfort from God because he has been there for us, but what can we do to help stop the violence in America? The reason is not clear, but we can help with the solution.


We must stay in constant prayer.  Do not stop because we were too busy or too tired.  Pray for ourselves and others. God hears and answers prayers, so we need to spread the word to anyone who will hear it.  Jesus told us to pray in the closet and God will reward us openly.  Anytime you get a chance close your eyes and pray.

Do not judge others

America is filled with different people.  There is no need to be judgmental.  Humans make mistakes and this includes you, so look into the mirror and change that person.  Leave everyone else alone.  If you see someone doing wrong, pray and ask God how to approach this person.  This person could be dangerous, so ask God and your local law enforcement for guidance.  Do anything, but put this person down and talk negatively to them.  Judging is a sin.

Get Involve

Identify your gift. God gave it to you to help build his kingdom.  My gift is writing, organizing, and supporting.  Use your gift for the good.  Do not use your gift as a weapon.  Share it with others.  God might be using you to stop the violence.


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