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Friends and family has came to me and said that they did not know what they were going to do when they grew up. The problem is that the ones who were saying this are over 50 years old. I know what they mean because I feel the same way. So, I found some great information on AARP called “Life Reimagined”. I found an article about how some people who are over 50 that used the website to start a business. You have to first register; take an online assessment; and then you get information that helps you achieve your life goals. This program helps you re-imagine your life. Since we are living longer, we have to makes plans for the future. We cannot just retire anymore because we might out live our money. We have to track how we are going to live our lives in our golden years. I am going to be on this site every chance that I get. I already started getting help with my sleep. I have touched bases on insomnia in earlier posts. Even though we are living longer, we have to track our health. We want to enjoy every minute that we can. So anytime that we can get some help, we have to grab that opportunity. I think that this AARP product will be a great resource for people over 50. Do not waste any time to sign up for this program. Even if you do not use the program, take some time to math out what you will be doing in 5 years. Write down your goals and put completion dates on your goal. Do not forget to take into consideration of cost and time because if it cost too much or take up too much time, you will not complete that task. This is reason I like this AARP product. You will get extra help and information that will help you complete your tasks.



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