Have you stabbed MLK?

I found a picture of MLK sitting in a chair with a letter opener stuck in his chest.  This picture is so chilling, but it represents how some people are so afraid of change.  Izola Curry walked into a department store where King was signing copies of his publication and stabbed him. Why? Was it because King had done something wrong to her by harming her or her family?  Believe or not MLK did do something to her, but it was not wrong.  He has done something to all of us when he pushed us to change our way of thinking.

Why are we afraid?

We are so comfortable in our lives and we are afraid to lose it.  We cherish our materials possessions and safe surrounds, so anybody who tries to take it from us we will attack.  Ms. Curry used a letter opener. Some of us use more deadly weapons like guns, knives, or talk.  We will do anything to save this picture perfect life that we created for ourselves.

Why should we change?

God is a God of growth.  Nothing stays the same.  He starts with a seed and that grows into a flower, bush, or tree.  He starts with an egg.  When that egg is fertilized, it grows into a baby.  God never intended for us to stay the same.  He wants us to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. If nothing has changed in your life, then something is wrong.


MLK stood for changes.  He dedicated his whole life to change how we think and act.  America has used prejudice and hatred to control others.  This type of behavior does not display growth.  It displays bondage and strongholds.  De-humanizing others is wrong and that type of behavior has to change.  The Civil Rights movement advocated that all people should be treated the same.  This may make some people uncomfortable, but we should let our fears dictated our actions. Do not stab the movement or be afraid of change. Embrace it.   It is the natural thing to do.

Happy Birthday MLK



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