Happy Thanksgiving

I want to first wish all my readers “Happy Thanksgiving”.  Please enjoy yourself this holiday season because America has had enough drama this year to last a lifetime.   You still can detox your body while sitting around the table eating turkey.  Today is the best time to drink different detox drinks.


Detox tea

Green tea is one of the most popular detox teas today.  You can buy the leaves at your local health food store.  These herbs will help with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.  Burdock root is becoming popular herb for detxoing.  The herb is bitter and some say is strong, so use small amounts in your tea.    Turmeric is another strong herb that is great for anti-inflammatory.  This herb can be used in teas or grounded up and sprinkle in food.  Hawthorn can be used in teas.  Hawthorn is a slow acting herb, but is great for relaxing blood vessel.  You can combine any of these herbs in your tea.


Cranberry Juice is a great detox drink.   Ginger Ale is another great drink.  It is good for your tummy too.  Ginger Ale has ginger in it which is a potent inflammatory, but can help with detoxing.  Pineapple juice is another smooth anti-inflammatory.  The best time to drink pineapple juice is before you eat on an empty stomach.   Apple cider vinegar is another great drink and can be combining with honey and lemon.  Lemon water is an easy way to detox your turkey.  You can just put a fresh lemon in your water and drink.


This Thanksgiving America needs to heal.  We need to remind ourselves how blessed we are to be America.  So do not stress eating too much.  Try some of these quick and easy drinks, so you will not gain any unwanted weight.



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