Happy Anniversary Ree’s Life Blog

I cannot believe in 30 days that Ree’s Life Blog will be celebrating it’s first year anniversary.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I have made many changes during the year but on my blog to cover issue that will help my readers enhance their quality of life.  I became ill in 2005 i became ill.  I did not think that I was going to live.  I stayed in the hospital for over two weeks, and out of work for over four months.  I could have avoided this situation.  I could have eaten right, exercise, and have annual physicals.  If I would have done this, I am convince that I would not have went to the hospital.   I want to help others to take of themselves, so they would not end up where I did.  I created Ree’s Life Blog to provided information about how to stay healthy through natural remedies.    I also hope to show my readers how to become whole.  A person has to use an holistic approach to become one with oneself.  I will continue to cover topics about the Mind, body, and soul.

I am counting down  to my anniversary by re-posting posts involving the mind body and soul.

November 14 – 20 Ree’s Inspiration

November 21-27    Money Mondays (just in time for Christmas)

November 28 – December 3rd  Carefree Living

December 4 – 10 Ree’s Health

December 14. 2015


December 19 –  24 – Ree’s Natural

December 25, 2016

Merry  Christmas

After Christmas, I will post blogs about how to get ready for the New Year.     We will leave the year with a bang, and start the 2017 with inspiration and hope.  I am excited about the upcoming months, and I hope this will be a anniversary celebration for all of us to remember.

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