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I found an article on CNBC’s website named “This is the best city for small business in America: Survey”. The author wrote” San Jose edged New York by a point in the BizAnalyzer analysis; ranked third in average annual revenue, with $801,064; and its business owners had the highest credit scores, at 644, compared with 626 for New York, which ranked second.” These people are gaining business loans with a credit score of 644. I know people who have credit scores in the 700, so if you have a great idea, try to get money for your idea.  Popular TV shows have rich investors listen to business ideas, and decide if they want to invest in that business venture. So, you can start looking for investors. You can look on websites, at your local library, or the Small Business Administration. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for companies to invest in. The governments also have grant money or business loans that will help you start a business. I think now is a great time to start a business venture.  If it is an invention, the first thing to do is to gain a patent. After you get the patent for your invention, start looking for funding. There are also angel investors who would love to help you promote your invention. Timing is of the essence, and this article is showing that the time to look for and investor or apply for a small business loan or grant.


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