Go To God Boldly

The problem that I have when I ask God for his help is my attitude.  I do not go to God with the attitude that he will deliver.  I go to God with the attitude that he might help me.  That is pitiful.  I am expecting that God will turn his back on me.  I believe that others have this attitude too.  We have to go to God boldly.

We are all sinners

Obedience is important as a believer.  God always wants us to be obedient to his word.  God knows that we are weak and we will fail.  We do not have to beat ourselves up when we do wrong.  We have to believe that he is just and will forgive us.  We can go to God expecting him to deliver because he promised us that he will not hold our sins against us.  He will still help us when we need him.

Doubt hurt us

I finally reached the age where I am a senior citizen.  I have seen so many miracles that God has revealed to me and my family.  He has delivered us from sickness, the rent man, and more.  I still have some doubt.  We are human, but we have to not let doubt control our thoughts.  We have seen what he has done for us, so we have to stop doubting God. We have to pray when doubt enters our minds, so God can send the Holy Spirit to help us

Trust in God

He is able to see us through.  He will not turn his back on us when we do wrong.  Do not let doubt rob us of our faith.  We are saved by grace.  We have to stand on the promise of God.  Go to him boldly and tell him what you want.


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