Get you some rest (Matthew 11: 28)

This week let’s just relax and enjoy.  I have been writing posts about controlling emotions, but we also have to focus on resting.  Do not feel guilty about resting.  You should take off some time for you because the next couple of months are going to busy.  We have to cook, shop, wrap, mail and more.  Let’s start the holidays off right.  Let’s relax and enjoy.   Here are ways where you can get a quickie rest.

Go to the park

Enjoying nature’s beauty is my favorite past time.  Go to a park and enjoy.  The fall is the best time to go.  Bundle up and go to your nearest park.  If you like to write, take a pad.  Exercising might be your thing, so you can run, walk, or more.  The park can help you take your mind off of your problems and relax.

Find a quiet place

                Find a quiet corner to get some rest.  It can be a room away from everyone.  Some people go to the library and others go to a church.  Wherever you can relax and get your mind off of your troubles can be your quiet place. Some people get in a hot bath with music.  Others get a book and curl in the bed.  As long as you will not be bothered, you can relax and reflect.


                Americas do not get enough sleep, so lie down and get you some sleep.  The health benefits alone are a great reason for you to take some mini naps.  Eight to ten hours is the recommended amount of sleep that you need to be healthy.  Sleep disorders are a common problem today, so make time for naps.

It does not matter how you do, but make sure that you get your proper rest. 

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