Get rid of negative emotions (Ephesians 4:29-32)

Getting rid of all of our negative emotions is impossible.  Paul wrote in Ephesians that we have to get rid of these emotions.  Paul did not mean that we will never have negative emotions, but he wanted us to control our negative emotions to make sure that we are not offending others.  If you want to hurt others, you need professional help either from a psychologist or a pastor.  If you want to uplift others, you have to identify your negative emotions to control them.  This is how writing can help.

Write freely

Just pick up your journal and start writing.  Do not let anyone else see what you’re writing.  This is your business and you want to keep it private.  You do not want to be judged because you will feel guilty.  You do not need to feel free and clear of any negativity.   So you do not worry about how or what you are writing.  Just write.


                Some of the negative emotions are deeply embedded.  This is why some of us are not aware that we are hurting others by our actions. We need the Holy Spirit to help us to identify these emotions to control them.  Some of us need support because writing can remind us of a painful event.  The Holy Spirit is a comforter, so ask God for courage.  When you leave your burdens with the God, you will be able to deal with any negativity in your life.

We will never be perfect, so do not strive for perfection.  We need to strive to be in control of our actions.  This does not happen overnight and it is a never-ending task.  I have several journals and will add more before I leave here, so keep on writing.  You will feel better in the end.


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