Feed your Soul

  1. Mind-  Some people think that the soul is the spirit.  The spirit is where the soul is stored.  The spirit is also where our emotions are stored.  To grow spiritually, we have to control our emotions and feed the soul.  When you seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, you will get the help that you need to finish your journey.  The one way to grow spiritually is to take responsibility for your life.  Once you are ready to make changes in your life, you will work with your inner self and that will give you the courage to change what is needed in your life.  Remember this plan is to help you organize and track your progress of your transformation.  Transformation takes time and patience, so look into your inner self and find the strength to carry this plan through.  Write in your journal any progress you have made thus far.  You are half way through the plan, so write down what you did right, and try to copy that behavior again.  Also list what you did not do or did wrong.  Write how you are going to do that action differently, so you will not get the same result.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Use one of the meditation techniques to keep your mind opened for tomorrow tasks.

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