Fear is not real

This month we celebrate ghost, goblins, and things that go bump in the night.  I feel this is a great time for us to see how we can control our fears.  I will take a look at what we fear and how we can stop our emotions from holding us back from happiness.  

There are so many different forms of fear, so we first need to define fear.  Fear is not real.  It is thoughts of events that can happen. The most important thing to remember is that it is not real.  It is negative thoughts that hold us back from achieving happiness.

The way we can control our fears is to control our thoughts.  If you concentrate on your present situations, you will rid fear.  If some negative thoughts enters your mind, direct your thoughts to something positive.  Start a plan for a new project, pray, or meditate on something that make you happy.  I always think about grandkids.  They always bring a smile to my face.  

Remember you can control your thoughts.  If you practice mindfulness, you can control your emotions.  If you become afraid of what might happen, you will miss what actually happens.  This means you will miss the good and bad events of your life.  Joy and pain is a part of life, so stop letting fear control you.  

Franklin D Roosevelt said ti best, ” There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”.  So write down your deepest fears and make a plan to to rid it.  The next two weeks, we will look at uncertainly and money.  These fears goes hand and hand.  Everyone worry about how they can pay their bills.  They are afraid of loosing their jobs or businesses.  This is a common fear, so let’s find ways to control these fears.

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