Keep your mind on God.

I love God and Jesus.  I do not show that love for them in my everyday life.  As Christians, we must show our love to God.  It is hard because we have our families, jobs, and other responsibilities.  Without God, none this will be possible.   This is why we have to stay connected.  All of our help comes God.  Why Here are some ways to help us keep our minds on God.


            Prayer changes things.  This is how we talk to God.  Everyone has a different way to pray.  Some people close their eyes and others keep their eyes open. Whatever way makes you comfortable is good.  You have to remove all of the obstacles from your mind and focus on God.  Another important part of prayer is listening for God’s answers.

            Study the Bible

            Wait for God to direct you.  He will do this through the Holy Spirit. If you do not humble yourself, you will miss God’s direction.  You can study the Bible. I always can hear God speaking to me through the work.  Meditation is another way to connect to God. The Bible tells us to meditate day and night. There are also other ways to connect to God.  The best place to find these rituals is in the Bible.


            Jesus always fellowships with others.  It is our duty as Christians to get along with others. When we bring others to God, we stay connected to him.  Remember not to bring attention to yourself. Others should see God’s light. Bringing others to God will help build his kingdom to defeat the enemy.  Everyone has a gift, so find yours.  God will use you to help heal others.


            Pray, study your bible, and fellowship to connect with God. You will find inner peace and love.

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

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