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Why do we run from trouble? I am the first to say that I hate to deal with problems. When we flee from our problems, they get worse. They might work themselves out, but you will feel better when you address your problems. It is important that we address all of our problems because this will help us to stay mindful and balance our lives. Today, we are going to look at ways to deal with problems.


You have to communicate with your debtors. If you do not like to talk, email them. One can also use social media with a lot of companies. When you talked with the company, you will feel better because you know it is behind you. This will also help you to budget your money.


Pray and stay away. Do not go back to the situation until you feel that you know what to say or do. Let the spirit lead you. It is easy for little situations to escalate and someone can get hurt. Do not try to prove that you are not scared or hard because the life you save may be your own.
You can also use email and social media to see if the situation is approachable. Sometimes it takes a long time for healing to happen, so be patient.


Make sure that you are familiar with your ethics policy at work. This may help you to communicate effectively. Do not let anyone bully you because you are afraid of losing your job. You should be able to communicate with your boss and co-workers openly. Speak freely and professionally/ Do not take the problem personally, so you do not get emotional.

Addressing problems are hard, but helps you because the sun is brightest before the storm.

2 thoughts on “Face your problems

  1. This is a great list of tips! It is crazy how many people know very little about saving and financial issues, I think they should offer a mandatory life class in high school where they teach basic things we all need to know – finances, how to do taxes, how to change your tire, etc.

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