Eating for Happiness

Watch what you eat when are experiencing anxiety.  Some foods can make you feel worse.  Other foods can help you fight anxiety.  Anxiety can cause health problems, so we have to make sure that we avoid certain foods.

Foods to avoid

Sugars can make you hyper.  Chocolates do make you happy, but you need to avoid any sugars when you are feeling down.  Sweets cause a spike in your blood sugar and then it drops. A drop in your blood sugar can cause mood swings.  Mood swings makes one become more depress or anxious.    Fried foods and  high glycemic carbs is not good to eat during anxiety. Fried foods cause inflammation and heart disease.  Alcohol brings you down.  Most people feel like they are up, but you will become more depress when drinking alcohol.

Foods to eat

Omega fats are very important.  Fill up on chia seeds, flaxseeds, fatty fish, and walnuts.  These foods help your brain activity.  Omega fats also add years unto your life.  H20 is great for everything.  The golden rule is eight to ten cups a day.  Whole grain calms you down.  Veggies like broccoli, kale, carrots, and spinach supports brain functions.  You can fill up on Vitamin C because orange juice supports healthy brain functions. There are a lot of foods to help reduce anxiety.  Do your research to find foods that you like to eat.


You can use B 12 and magnesium is more aids to help regulate your emotions.  If you see where you cannot control your anxiety, consult your doctor.  Your anxiety can be controlled.  Eating certain food does not mean that you will never be anxious again. Thinking before you eat is one of the strategies that helps with anxiety. You will be able to enjoy life by eliminating anxiety.



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