Don’t Eat the Meat

The new craze today is vegan.  It is the new way not to eat meat.  There are products especially made for vegans.  This a great way to stop eating meat. This causes some of the food to stay in the digestive system and turns into fat.

I found an article in WebMD that says it is not difference in a heart risk between vegetarians and meat eaters (see below).  There might not be any heart disease difference but there is a difference when a person consume a lot of fruits and vegetables

Drink 8 cups of water and Exercise for 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure you fill up with healthy snacks like fruit, protein, and veggies.  This will keep you from getting hungry and you will eat less.  Eat salad today.  See if you can eliminate meat from your diet for a couple of days and you will feel better.  Whenever the weather gets better, talk a walk.  This will help your heart.  Eating vegetables is more healthier, so stuff yourself.

Veggies helps to keep the heart healthy.



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