Donald Trump – Really?

I looked at the Republican Debate and I am scared. If Donald Trump wins the election, our economy will go back to the days of President Bush. He is talking about cutting programs, and he does not about how these people are going to live. Donald Trump is rich, and he is out of touch about what is really going on in America. I hope that no one is fooled by this person. He is not a good choice for America. He is good for making money for himself, and do not know how to make money for this country.   He is talking about what he can do, but he has not proven anything. We are smarter than this. We know that Trump is using a smoke screen. We got to vote for the right candidate for president. We need a person who can be bias, and who can make the right decisions for us. Some of Trump’s supporters are saying that they want someone to go and burn down the Whitehouse. Who are they are burning? President Obama will be gone, so who will they burn? Your fellow GOP members are still there. Are you going to burn them? This is a great example of how Trump is only thinking about himself.  The Whitehouse is our house. We got to make sure that fair leaders are living there. We cannot afford another recession. We have to make sure that we look at the

The word "VOTE" written in vintage ink stained letterpress type.

s carefully, and make a decision that supports America.

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