Do you need a Comforter?

This is the  2nd week of Advent.  This week I find great joy knowing that God promised to comfort us when times get hard. This year we needed a comforter.  We are all have been wounded one way or another.  We have been sick, broke, or emotionally strained.  Through it all, Jesus was our comforter.  The verses that we will read this week will reveal how Jesus prepared us for rough times.

Isaiah 40: 1-11

The 40th chapter of Isaiah is one of the comfort chapters.   In this chapter, God spoke tenderly to Jerusalem and proclaimed her service was completed.  The end of the year is near and we went through a lot as a nation.  A lot has happened that we did not understand, but Jesus prepared us for times like these through his resurrection.  God bless America.

Psalm 85: 1-2, 8-13

This is a chapter of renewal.  We often forget about how God has forgiven us in the past and he will forgive us again.  God has mercy on us even if we are wrong.  He turns our bad situation turned into a blessing.  The author of this Psalm asked God for peace, mercy, and forgiveness.  Reflex on how good God has been to you this week.

Mark 1: 1-8

Mark also talks about how the prophet Isaiah asked God for someone to prepare a way through the desert.  When we are at crossroads in our lives, we do not know what to do.   Some of us stay up late at night worrying about our problems.  Others use escape methods like drugs or alcohol to deal with our problems.  God promised that he would send the Messiah to comfort us and prepare a way.

During the 2nd week of Advent, let’s remember how God comforts us during our life journey.  He sent the Messiah to prepare a way through the desert.  Thank God for sending us, Jesus.





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