Do you instigate arguments? (2 Timothy 2: 23-24)

Life brings conflict.  This is something that none of us can avoid.  Conflict is out of our control, but we can control our emotions.  We have control of how we react in a negative situation. Some people instigate the arguments.   Everyone knows someone who likes to argue.  If you are that person, you have to stop instigating drama.  This is in direct violation of how God wants us to act.  I am giving tips on how to stop being an instigator.

It is okay to be angry

As said before, we all have to deal with conflict.  It is okay to get angry, but it is not okay to use it as a weapon.  When you are angry, you have to find ways to calm down.  If no one is harming you then you can make a decision to defuse the situation.  Tell the person in a calm way why you are angry without adding fire to the situation.  If you like being around drama, you need to dig deeper into your soul and find out why. Control your emotions and your responses to make sure that argument will end.

Be mindful

If you find yourself instigating a fight, stop.  Take about five minutes to see why are you doing this?  Do not argue back with the person.  Use your breathing techniques to control your responses.  Think about the whole situation and when you are alone analyze the situation. Writing it down will give you a clear picture of what happened.  The purpose of this exercise is to help you to focus on a solution not the problem.  When you figure out what happened, find ways to not repeat this action again.

Do not let the enemy win.  If you want to stop being a trouble maker, analyze your actions.   



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