Detoxing is not just going to the bathroom to do the number 2.  Detoxing means that you remove all the impurities in your body.  Before you start detoxing, make sure that nothing is stopping up your blood vessel.  If your stomach is clogged up, you will retain waste and you will never lose weight.  So when you think detox, think clean.  If you like your house clean, clean your temple.

Water – H20 helps cleanse our bodies of impurities.  There are many theories of how much to drink.  The standard is eight cups.  If you are trying to challenge yourself to do more, great.  As long as you drink the recommended amount of eight cups.  It is important to drink water.

Exercise – If you exercise for 15 to 30 minutes a day,  you will help your heart to pump the correct amount of blood.  If your heart is not working properly, you cannot detox properly.  Your blood cannot flow through clogged arteries.  When you exercise it keeps your heart pumping blood so that detox additives can move the impurities out.

Healthy snacks – Eat fruit, protein, and veggies.  This will keep you from getting hungry and you will eat less.   You can also make a Green smoothie to help detox your body.  My favorite smoothie is spinach with lemon juice and fruit.  I have used died Apricot, bananas, blueberries, and cranberries.  Put all the ingredients in a blender with almond milk.  If you do not have time for a smoothie, try the powdered form of veggies.  Just mix it into your favorite drink and get detoxed.

When you keep your body clean, you feel and look great. Don’t stop eating foods and exercising, so you can keep your body ready to detox  Take care of your temple and your temple will take care of you.

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