Dealing with Criticism

Criticism can be used as a weapon. If it is constructed criticism, then it is all good.  But what happens if it is destructive criticism? It is hard to do deal with destructive criticism.  But we have to find a way to deal with it, so it will not deal with us.   Here are some tips.



I usually ignore it, but others would argue and sometimes fight. This is not good because someone could get seriously injured. There is no clear way to approach destructive criticism.   We have to treat each situation differently.  Stand your ground and try to avoid fighting.  I also found some other information on Your Relationship They wrote “Endless rumination (negative thinking) won’t help either. Instead, it’ll just undermine your self-esteem and waste your precious energy.” Keep a cool head while you speak.  This will help you to focus on what is happening.

Stay Confident

Do not let this any comment break your confidence. We are not perfect. It might be some truth to it, so try to get something positive out of it. Try not to take it personally, and pick your battles. If this is a workplace or business place, try to defuse the problem. Words cannot hurt you. Take a minute and think about what was said. Take some deep breaths, and talk to the person at another time when both of you have cooled down. So do not let someone’s opinion ruin your whole day. Do not beat yourself up, and do not let this upset you. So keep doing what you doing and do not let anything stop you.

Again, we are human, and the person who is talking may have problems too. So deal with them with a long handle spoon. You might help this person.

57 Experts On How to Handle Negative Feedback [Infographic]



5 thoughts on “Dealing with Criticism

  1. Thanks for the helpful thought process. I struggle with criticism and hopefully pausing and checking that I’m not ruminating and that I haven’t allowed a comment to destroy my day, will help me manage better.

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