Control your money by controlling your thoughts

We must control our thoughts before we can control our money.  Our brain throws off certain natural chemicals when you are experiencing certain emotions.  Herbs can help you balance these chemicals where you can think clearly.  Herbs are not a quick fix.  These are supplements that help when a person uses them over a long period of time.  The great thing about herbs is that they have little or no side effects.  We must monitor everything that we do especially products that we use for our body.    I am going to examine several herbs that will help you with balancing your brain.


Just smelling Sage can improve your mood and cognition.  The best way to do this is to make a smudge stick.  A Sage smudge stick helps to rid negativity and has become a popular herb to use in recent years.  Sage is easy to grow.  I have some in my garden and I cannot kill it.  It has been in the cold and I have forgotten to water it, but it still grows.  I have made several smudge sticks by rolling up dried Sage with hemp thread.  It is easy and inexpensive to do.  If you want a pick me up, light up a Sage smudge stick.


                Rosemary is great for memory.  Studies have shown that elderly people who take around 750 mg of Rosemary, memory improves.  This is another herb that is easy to grow.  Rosemary can be used in teas, in foods, or in an essential oil.  I have heard some growers who also wrapped up dried Rosemary as a smudge stick.  It does not matter how you use Rosemary because this herb will help you to remember.

These are just two herbs that you can use to help you to control your thoughts.  Sticking to a budget is hard when you are depressed or stressed. It is important for us to find ways to improve our health and herbs is a natural way to do it.

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