Comfort for the Pain

I started reading the bible in a year and never finished.   One of the chapters’ that I started reading was Job.  This chapter tells how Job kept the faith even though he was sick.  When you are in pain, pray.  God will comfort you.  This is one of his promises.  Remember that Jesus always healed the sick and afflicted. We have to wait and pray for God’s healing when we are sick.

Waiting on God

It is hard for any of us to wait on God, but we have to learn to be patient.  I am anxious all the time and when I want to get something done, I go with full force until it is over.  This is the wrong way to do it. You have to plan what actions that you are going take to get better. First research your illness on the internet.  Then make a strategy to get well.  Job never doubted that God will heal him.  Job’s wife told him to rebuke God, but Job kept the faith.

Follow Doctor’s orders

God works thru us, so listen to your doctor.  Remember that your Doctor is a professional.  He/she went to school to learn how to heal.  Some Doctors are only there to get paid, but keep researching and God will reveal what steps to take.   God will send the Holy Spirit to heal us.  Job tried to reach out to others, but they had little faith and thought Job would die.  God was able to heal Job during these difficult times.

John 14:16 states “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever.” When you are in pain stop and pray like Job.  Faith keeps you grounded and God will ease the pain.

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